Stellar Void

The Zilliqa
Stellar deflationary Token

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Stellar Void virtually represent reality with stars, in a scenario where this universe is condemned. It expands uncontrollably, and over time, it gradually loses its energy, inexorably plunging toward a cosmic destiny known as the "Big Freeze". Dark energy, a mysterious cosmological phenomenon, threatens to diminish all the stars in this simulated universe.

Be part of the universe before it fades away forever.

Stellar Void
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The total supply of $VOID is inherently deflationary. Every token transfer, whether through buying or selling, will result in the burning of a small portion of the tokens from the transaction.

The initial supply of Stellar Void is 42T but is constantly decreasing.

The contract address is zil17slttkmqchmcpev4yps8mguu8rkhv5g4ucu7a6

Stellar Void
Dark energyarrow_downward
Dark energyclose

The expansion of our universe is fueled by dark energy. As it grows, dark energy reduces the number of stars, making them increasingly rare over time.

The scarcity of stars is directly influenced by transfers, symbolized by interactions within our universe. Each transfer contributes to a burn, causing a gradual decrease in the number of $VOID tokens.

Stellar Void

As you accumulate $VOID, you have the opportunity to reach the critical mass of a galaxy.

Each galaxy in the Stellar Void universe holds the power to share of the tokens burned during transfers, with the remainder being permanently burned.

The critical mass required to become a galaxy is currently $VOID.

Each claim will cost you 9 $ZIL. 50% will be utilized for buybacks and the other 50% for community growth.

Stellar Void

The universe has no owner. 40T of $VOID is renounced and available to the interstellar community and is accessible through intergalactic exchanges.

The last 2T will be used for promotions for the community.

Embark on an exploration of the boundless Stellar Void, where each holder is a celestial entity, and every artifact symbolizes the strength and uniqueness of participants in this decentralized galaxy.

Era of Creation


Total collapsed stars (burned $VOID)

Current dark energy power (burn rate)

Total objects in universe (total holders)

Total galaxies in universe

Critical mass for galaxies


% of burned $VOID recovered by galaxies

Roadmap to the $VOID

Our universe, Stellar Void, will be shaped by different epochs throughout its cosmic evolution. Each era will play a crucial role in influencing various aspects of our simulated universe. These epochs will impact the rate of dark energy as well as the size of galaxies.

Stellar Void
Era of
  • Burn target 1%
  • Maximum supply burned 3%
  • Galaxie critical mass 1T
Stellar Void
Era of
  • Burn target 1.5%
  • Maximum supply burned 25%
  • Galaxie critical mass 200B
Stellar Void
Era of the
Last Gleamarrow_downward
  • Burn target ??%
  • Maximum supply burned ??%
  • Galaxie critical mass ??B
Stellar Void
Era of
  • Burn target ??%
  • Maximum supply burned ??%
  • Galaxie critical mass ??B

For the good (or the ill) of our universe, these rates may be subject to change.

Universe (holder)

  • Galaxies
  • Stars